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Chris’ heart beats to share Jesus with those that do not know Jesus. Since his early days in ministry, he has devoted his life to making Jesus known and calling others to follow Jesus. This is his greatest passion. His story began while in college when he started a non-profit organization called Boarders For Christ, which in a nutshell used skateboarding to bring the message of hope and forgiveness in Jesus to a fairly unreached culture. As is true with all ministry, as much happened behind the scenes as did in front of the crowds. This group of skateboarders and creatives, became family and learned together what it meant to love Jesus, love each other, and use whatever gift God had given them to bring light and love to dark places. BFC took Chris into every state in the nation and into 6 different countries, it gave him and his wife the opportunity to live and breathe community and daily depend on the Lord for both direction and provision. It was the greatest foundation that ever could have been laid to prepare them for the massive steps they would be asked to take in the future.

At his very core Chris sees the best in people, both their untapped potential and God given destiny. His life is given to chase after God and live into the belief that God is a giver of life abundantly. In Chris’ life is so much richness and purpose. So, whether preaching on a Sunday, at coffee with someone, playing with his kids, or as he continues to love and pursue those that are far off, he is a man who lives to serve others. He truly believes that others lives are better as they come to know this Jesus we love and in doing so find their purpose.

Though their story started out in a van traveling the country with skateboarders, Chris and his wife Heather along with their two boys Judah and Jonah are embarking on this journey of ministry life together in Coeur D’Alene Idaho. They believe that the local Church is the launch pad to raise up and send out passionate followers of Jesus. They have devoted the last 7 years of their life to North Idaho and seeing people become love-drenched, grace-filled, Spirit-empowered followers of Jesus. Chris is convinced that the life of obedience is one full of joy, laughter, thrill and sometimes even suffering. But, in all things, Chris and his family have committed themselves to going all-in to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

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