All About Jesus.

Our mission is simple. We are all about Jesus. Anthem is a movement of love-drenched, grace-filled and Spirit-empowered people who desire to be the Church. This means being people who live an unabridged lifestyle that allows for Jesus to be integrated into every part of life.

In order for us to be All About Jesus, we have to know what Jesus was all about. Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10) and to reconcile the hearts of mankind back to their Creator, God. We believe His word when He says: We are all sinners, we can’t save ourselves, Jesus loves us, Jesus saves us and we live to make Him famous. The Church is more than a building we attend once a week, the Church is people, it is the collective that God has empowered to make Himself known to humanity. Our call, as the Church, is to grow up in all aspects of our life into being more like Jesus. It is our vision to see a movement of people in who Christ is at work in and through, in everything that we do.

A Movement.

Jesus didn’t lead a congregation.  He led a movement.  Jesus called people to leave everything behind to follow Him.  Which meant intentionally walking away from a comfortable place where they could have stayed…in order to step into the unknown: a life of passion, obedience, transformation, and the miraculous.  At times it can seem as though todays Church has become more of a museum than a movement.  We are praying that Jesus would lead us in equipping people to be participants in this movement—not as mere spectators seeking entertainment. This movement might appear to be casual in style, but it is fierce in action  – focusing on the inside instead of what we see on the outside.

Seeking Jesus.

We are the askers, the seekers, those who knock (Matthew 7:7) – endlessly pursuing more of Jesus. All of Jesus. We lay aside lesser pursuits in order to obtain the One True Prize.

Serving Others.

Jesus poured out His life in service to others 24/7/365. No compartmentalization here – He lived and breathed service. He still does. We aspire to serve as earnestly and endlessly as Jesus has served us. We view service as an act of worship–a lifestyle–not as an optional “extra.”

Keeping It Real.

Jesus encouraged (modeled) a life of honesty, vulnerability, and transparency. He also disdained lives of hypocrisy and pretense. As followers of Jesus, we know that embracing and confessing our brokenness is crucial to a life of authenticity. We want to be known for keeping it real (authentic) in our lives, relationships, community, and how we worship. No hype, no frills, no gimmicks. ALWAYS ONLY JESUS.

Embracing Change.

Jesus-following is risky business – when we choose to walk by faith and not by sight, we will make waves, but it’s to the “waves” that Jesus is calling us. It has been said that our God is good, but not necessarily safe. As we continue to follow Jesus into the unknown, we recognize that we must embrace change, and that obedience to Him is more important than our comfort or perceived success. We don’t change simply for the sake of change itself, but for the sake of Jesus.

Valuing All Generations

Our lives are an anthem of praise to our Great God. This isn’t a solo act, but a medley of praise. We value diversity in the body of Anthem. We fight to add more voices–different voices–into the chorus. We long for a more full expression of praise to rise to our King, knowing that our differences aren’t liabilities, but strengths. (Psalm 71:18, Psalm 145:3, Isaiah 58:12)

Keeping It Simple.

Jesus kept it simple. He didn’t get bogged down with events, programs, and competing vision. He kept His eyes on the prize, and we want to do that, too. We have one goal: to love Jesus with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We will not sacrifice this single pursuit, nor will we water it down with “extras.” It’s simple – always, only Jesus.

Giving, Because We Were Given To.

Jesus said that it’s better to give than to receive, and nobody knows more about giving than Jesus. We desire to live and give as graciously and generously as Jesus has given to us. We view our lives and resources not as our own, but His. We hold on to Jesus, and release all else. We give because He gave, We forgive because we are forgiven. We love because we are loved.

Looking for more info on our doctrinal statements? Click the link below.

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