Anthem Global Mission Team // July 26, 2018

The Andre Family – Nairobi, Kenya

Things to pray for this month:

Thanks be to God:

  • For the money that came in towards our plane tickets to get back to Coeur d Alene this summer! Literally, what was so generously given was EXACTLY what we needed!
  • For this new house that is becoming a home. It’s so close to where Jordan works, so close to where the kids will be going to school, and so close to where we gather with our church on Sundays! We truly could not ask for more!
  • For the Nairobi Waldorf School adding first grade (and a grade every year for the next three years) at their campus that is ten minutes from our new home! What an incredible, unexpected blessing!!

Join us in asking Him:

  • For a miraculous abundance of time while we’re in the States – time to see everyone we love and care about and to connect well and not feel rushed. Also for grace for ourselves as we try to do as much as we can without becoming overwhelmed or overtired.
  • For the funds needed to send our kids to their new school. God’s got this. Pray that we can simply trust him in that.
  • For more and more African brothers and sisters to be mobilized to reach those around them who do not yet know Christ, specifically Namibians.

For more information on the Andres including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please visit

The “S” Family

This month’s song of praise…

  • All of our kids have friends!
  • We passed our Unit 4 Exam, and started Unit 5 this week!
  • Our local volcano, Mt. Merapi, has quieted down and the ash is all gone.
  • Friends from Idaho (the Scammells and Madalyn) came to visit and we were able to sneak away for some fun, relaxing holiday time with them!
  • This past month Madalyn and Kameron were able to attend a 2-day training on Sex Trafficking in IND0! We learned a lot and made many good connections and new friends.

Please join us in prayer for…

  • Bali’s Mt. Agung has erupted several times over the past 6 months, and last week it had another pretty violent eruption, spewing lava and causing forest fires. We know people living in that region and our hearts grieve for them. Please pray for the people impacted by Mt. Agung.
  • Continued language learning
  • For Dad to open doors for us to build deeper relationships and share “J” with our neighbors and friends of the Majority Religion here
  • For some of our WV teammates who are having some serious health issues
  • For financial partners who are facing difficulties and trials, that G0D would encourage them and meet their needs in amazing ways. And for God to meet our financial needs as well.
  • For an upcoming DBS Training that we are leading this coming Sunday at a local Indonesian CH.
  • For Ivy as she begins teaching 6 girls (both Indonesian and expats, ages 8-12) beginning ballet in our home. She sees this as a ministry/discipleship opportunity and will also spend time each week getting to know the girls, and studying the Word and praying with them too.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support.
We love and miss you dearly!
The “S” Family

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “S Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Gary and Margo at

The “J” Family – Middle East

Strength in Weakness

Recently, a friend of mine from the U.S. said to me, “Even after speaking this language for the past 10 years, when I speak it, I still feel like I’m wrestling with only one arm.” His reflection struck me with two main thoughts. First, I could so completely, and utterly identify with what he has been feeling. Often, when I open my mouth to say something, I can’t express the depth of what I mean. My sentences are filled with stops and starts, awkward umm’s, and mispronunciation. Underlying it all, there are insecurities about whether what I said was what I meant to say. For example in Persian; office, will, and urine sound very similar. Last week, I was explaining something about the “office of God” instead of “will of God.” Thankfully, I didn’t say urine!

Second, my friend’s comment reminded me of 2 Corinthians 12:9-11, “…My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

As we are fumbling our way through learning and using two languages, can we, like Paul, learn to boast in this feeling of weakness and inadequacy? Can we learn to truly be content wrestling with only one arm? Lord, remind us that when we are weak, we are strong. We would be honored if you would knock, seek, and ask that: 1) That more lost sheep, coins, and sons/daughters would be found. (Luke 15) 2) The seven adult Ir. refugees that are going through “Knowing Christ” class would grow mightily in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. 3) That each member of our family would grow in contentment and joy with our weaknesses and life’s hardships, that He may be glorified.

We love and cherish you Anthem family!!

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “J Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Jed and Jaime at

India Highlights

  • As previously reported months ago, the Indian government closed down almost all nonprofit organizations because of alleged misuse of funds. Compassion International, one of the affected agencies, formerly operated a large ministry in Malda District, which one of DK Sarker’s team members managed.  Good news is that a new agency plans to re-open an outreach in the same facility to serve approximately 50 children by offering breakfasts, organized study time before the kids go to the government school, followed by organized recreational activity after school and an afternoon snack.
  • Emmanuel Hostel has a room dedicated for use as a small medical clinic where a doctor donates his time two days each week to offer health services, both to the children living there, but also as an outreach into the community.
  • Another outreach is that “old people” come to the Hostel once each week for a time of Christian fellowship and teaching.  They call this the Twilight Club.  This elderly segment of the society is often neglected and this is another way Emmanuel Hostel serves the general community.
  • Youth cannot make a public confession of their faith before age 18, without the parent’s consent.  One young girl, Madhumita Mandal, was brought to the Hostel at age four because her parent could not care for her.  She has grown up there and has now turned 18.  She has publicly declared her faith in Jesus and she gave a public testimony of thanks for Jesus in her life and for the ministry of Emmanuel Hostel.
  • Anthem,  remember to pray for the outreach ministry of both the evangelistic and discipleship training in the planting of new worship groups, as well as Emmanuel Hostel.
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