The Andre Family – Nairobi, Kenya

Our Prayer this Month:

Wow. What a crazy month it has been! Obviously, with the addition of Mateo to our family, we have been in a constant state of adjustment. It’s always crazy adding a new member to the family and newborns require so much at first. Would you continue to pray for us as we adjust to life as a family of five? We’re doing well overall, but we’re tired. So prayers for strength and endurance are greatly appreciated!

Also, would you join us in praying this month for the Laarim of South Sudan? We praise God for Napir’s baptism last Sunday! Pray that in her early steps of faith she would be protected from the enemy’s attack and that our AIM teammates would continue to be able to teach and encourage her. Pray that this would be a great witness of personal faith and acceptance of Jesus to those around her. And also pray for God to send more workers into this harvest!

With lots of love and grace,
Jordan & Kristin Andre

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The “S” Family

The way it works…

One of the highlights from this past month was a conversation that I, (K), had with some of our new friends (pictured above). Ten female University students live next door and I regularly run to them in the evening for help with my homework.

The girls understand that we are studying their language and culture, and because religion is such an integral part of life here, they regularly and openly give me insight and answer my questions about their Majority Religion faith. For the first few weeks, our faith-based conversations were pretty one-sided with them sharing much about their faith, and little (if any) interest regarding my faith.

But one evening after they had shared about some of their religious traditions, one of the girls began to ask me questions about Christianity. The conversation flowed naturally as I answered their questions and we discussed a bit about what it is like to be a follower of Christ.

They asked simple questions like “How do you pray? Why do you pray? When do you pray? How are your teachers trained? What are they called? You sing? Does just one person sing? No? You sing together???? What do you sing? Why do you sing?” etc.…

As you can imagine, I used this opportunity to share much more about our faith than what church services look like or why we attend them. And as I shared and observed their intrigue, I realized that I was their first sneak peek into Christianity.

I left that evening amazed at what G0D had orchestrated, and how beautiful and natural it was.

But now I wonder why I would expect anything different?

When we look at the life of Jesus, it’s easy to see that personal discipleship was, and still is, His method of choice in reaching the people of our world.

What did the discipleship of Jesus look like? Was it highly organized and planned out, held at specific meetings or elaborate church services, limited to well-trained, established church leaders, teachers or advanced theology students?

No, that’s not how our G0D works.

Jesus delights in using people from every walk of life, and nothing (aside from disbelief and disobedience) disqualifies us from being discipled and eventually discipling others ourselves.

1 Cor 1:27 – But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.

Jesus discipled while living a life much like our own… attending weddings, enjoying intimate dinners and fireside chats, during boat rides and long walks. And of course, while experiencing the hurt and discouragement of heartbreak, disappointment, empty stomachs, confusion, pain, and even sickness, loss and death.

Do you see it? Jesus modeled it for us.

Being fully human, He lived a fully human life. He had friends, and enemies, He worked, He slept, He had fun, and He even needed to sneak away to decompress, be alone, rest and pray.

He isn’t asking us to do anything grander or more complicated than what He did. It’s so simple. Why do we complicate it so well?

I think it’s because the enemy knows that this perfect, simple plan works, and he has been scrambling to complicate it and stop it… stop us, since the beginning of time.

Satan understands the incredible global impact we will have if we believe in the power of God, lived out in our ordinary lives.

If the enemy can get us to doubt ourselves, underestimate our abilities and our value to the Kingdom, then he knows we won’t try, and in that is his victory.

Friends, may we each remain steadfast in following Christ’s model, living simple yet extraordinary lives of obedience, love, faith and intentional discipleship!

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “S Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Gary and Margo at iamaneslteacher@gmail.com.


The “J” Family – Middle East

“I Want To”

Recently, I started to take part in study with Persian refugees based on 1 Timothy. The goal is to identify more leaders and equip them to serve the Lord and others in the Body. A couple weeks ago we were discussing the topic of forgiveness. Keyvan, a man there, was showing signs of extreme discomfort and conviction. He kept looking down at the table and shaking his head. He finally said there is someone he knows that he just can’t forgive. When he said that, the Holy Spirit clearly said to me, “Ask him if he can’t forgive, or if he doesn’t want to forgive?” I asked him this question and explained that the ability to forgive is in him through the Spirit, but the “want” is his choice. He sat silent, shaking his head, looking down, face dejected. After we all looked at some other passages of scripture, he looked up, stared me right in the eyes and soberly said, “I want to. I want to.” This time, he shook his head up and down, instead of side to side. It was almost as if he was being born again right there, seeing the cross afresh and saying “Yes” to the very heartbeat of God. Our group spent the next two weeks on the topic of forgiveness.

Please Pray:

1) For Keyvan and the four other men in this study, that God would raise them up in faithful, fruitful, and longevity of service.

2) That every member of our family would let the peace of Christ reign in our hearts. (Col 3:15)

3) That our family would speak to each other with patience and grace.

Thank you for laboring with us in the white fields!

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “J Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Jed and Jaime at jedbenoit@gmail.com.

India Highlights

This month’s information from Kolkata, India centers on the academic work of Emmanuel Hostel. This is a children’s hostel composed mostly of young children who either have no safe home life or whose guardians cannot pay for even public educational benefits. There are just over 50 children in ages ranging from ages 6 to 17 living here. Their services consist of room and board, tutoring for academic needs, social life on the small campus, basic health services and spiritual teachings right in their own environment.

Basic costs for food products have risen dramatically, to the point that the quality and quantity of food is being compromised. The Indian government has caused the overall national costs of the economy to be impacted through inflation to the degree that particularly non-profits across the country, such as Emmanuel Hostel, are at risk for survival. Please pray Gods will. Pray for this hostel & this nation to keep their hope alive in Jesus come what may.

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