Anthem Global Mission Team // February 13, 2018

Andre Family

The Andre Family – Nairobi, Kenya

This past month has been very full for us. Near the beginning of the month, we began packing for our three-week training and orientation course (which all new AIM missionaries go through shortly after arriving on the field). That took us out of Nairobi (three hours north) from January 9th-30th. We shared a tiny little African hotel room with our kids for the entire three weeks, which was an adventure to say the least! Zuri often yells out in her sleep, usually multiple times per night, not really for any serious reason (sometimes she laughs), which never wakes Moses, but always managed to wake Jordan and me! All that to say, we survived and the training and orientation was wonderful. Our kids were in classes while we were in sessions, and we all learned a great deal about African life and culture and how to navigate the immense differences in culture and worldview as foreigners here.

We have been back in Nairobi for a few days now and are trying to get back into some sort of rhythm of life. We are continuing to pray about a school for our kids to attend. The one that’s at the top of our list is quite far from our home, so enrolling them there would have to be preceded by a move closer to the school. Would you join us in prayer for that? That if that is what God wants, and that is where he would have them, that he would make that clear and provide a place for us to move to that is within our budget? The Nairobi rental market runs the gamut, and often affordable housing options take a long time to find. But this school is not a Christian school and we see it as a huge potential ministry opportunity for our entire family, so we are trusting God to handle all those details.

Also, now that it is officially February that means we will be having a baby NEXT month! Whoa. Please be praying that I (Kristin) go into labor on my own (I’ve had to be induced after going overdue with both our other two kids) and that labor and delivery would go smoothly. We will be delivering in a good hospital here, with a really great doctor and a midwife too. Some of the ladies from Anthem are sending baby items over with Jordan’s parents when they come the first week of March, if you’d like more info on that, please contact Sandy Wild.

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S Family

The “S Family” – SE Asia

Hi Anthem Family! Thank you again for sending us off so well! We landed in our host country on January 17th and have been busy, busy, busy ever since! Our main focus has been trying to get settled – purchasing furniture and figuring out how to establish basic utilities, like paying our electric bill and ordering propane and drinking water. We’ve also learned a few other valuable things, like where to buy antibiotics (Jason got really sick), where to purchase a new tire (we got a flat), and where to find a good dentist (Sarah chipped one of her front permanent teeth pretty bad).

But, in the midst of living in this season of chaos and so many unknowns, the Lord has blessed us with reminders of His goodness. First, we have an amazing WV team who flew in just to help get us settled! Wow! And, we have already become friends with members of a college fellowship, many of whom are hungry for discipleship. We are excited to grow our relationships with them and see how God works.

Could you please pray for our ongoing transition, health, and language learning. And praise the Father with us, for His provision, faithfulness, and love for all to know Him, which is why we are here!

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The “J Family” – Middle East

One year ago, our family moved to this country and became like babies in a new world of culture, language, and expectations. It felt like learning how to do everything in life all over again. During the past year, we have grown so much in surface level things like buying groceries, getting around the city, and basic communication. But on deeper level issues of relationships, understanding reasons why people do certain things, or deep heart-to-heart conversations, we are still babies. There are moments when being a “baby” is fun and exciting because we get to explore and learn so many new things, and we are allowed to make a bit of a mess. And there are times when knowing that we are “adult babies” is overwhelming, embarrassing and frustrating, so we throw fits because we can’t figure out how to get that red square block into the round hole, again! We have developed a new level of compassion for toddlers. It’s not easy to want to communicate something so desperately, but not have the ability to do it!

Two weeks ago I became a baby all over again and began 20 hrs. of lessons per week in a new language: Persian. My new tutor is in his late 20’s, is a Persian speaking refugee, and a dear brother in the Lord. As my language ability grows, I will become increasingly more involved in serving these dear people. My wife is continuing to learn the native language here, but progress has taken a major dip recently due to her tutor’s pregnancy and marriage. We are currently seeking a new tutor for her. We would love your prayers for this.

Please Knock, Seek, and Ask:

  • That Christ would be revealed to the hearts of Persian speaking refugees
  • A new language Tutor for my wife
  • Grace for our family to grow in love, unity, and laughter

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “J Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Jed and Jaime at

India Highlights

D.K. Sarkar, and his wife, Choity, have been Anthem’s national EFM missionary leaders in Kolkata, India, since 2004. They recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. DK is a native of Bangladesh while Choity is of Indian heritage.

The past 14 years have seen the work grow from a zero base to the present status of many organized churches and house fellowships. A total of 66 house fellowships are currently in the process of becoming organized churches.

The primary focus for the team of pastors is evangelism and discipleship training. This is overseen through organized “communities” of classes. Overall, the ministry is active among Bengali, Hindu, Dalit, Muslim and Santali cultures.

A supplemental outreach is the Emmanuel Hostel, a home for children with a well-rounded offering of education and spiritual training. Fifty children, of elementary and secondary school ages, presently live in the Hostel. Anthem provides a basic amount towards the monthly budget needs.

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