Anthem Global Mission Team // January 9, 2018

The Andre Family – Nairobi, Kenya

In March we will become a family of five. I’m still wrapping my brain around that one. And I think because we are waiting to find out the gender of this little baby (like we have with all our babies) it makes it even that much more surreal. We literally don’t know the most distinguishing thing about this tiny human – are they a boy or are they a girl? Only God knows. And in a few short months, we will know too. And I’m certain, because it’s happened with both our other two kids, that from that moment on – from the moment we meet our number five – we won’t be able to imagine our lives without him or her. But for now, it still feels like a dream, like it will always just be the four of us. So, while I’m struggling to fully grasp the reality that’s about to hit us all, I’ve decided to instead just take a quick look back at some highlights from  2017 – our last year as a family of four.

You have truly blown us away with your goodness this year! Somehow our entire family moved across the globe and you have been in every step. It certainly hasn’t been easy. This year was filled with some very high highs and some very low lows, and saying goodbye to so many of our dear loved ones was most definitely one of the hardest things we’ve done yet. But as you’ve called us, you’ve been faithful to walk with us. And we know you are in this move. Transition to life in Kenya has also not been easy, but at the same time, we’ve been welcomed into the AIM family here in Nairobi with open arms, which has made it so much easier than if we were trying to do this ministry alone! As we move forward into 2018 our prayer is that we would find our place here in Nairobi more and more, that we would have more opportunities to share about you – who you are, what you’ve done and thus who we are in you.

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The “S Family” – SE Asia

As we prepare to leave for SE Asia in about a week, we want to thank you, our Anthem Family, for your support, prayers, friendship, and faithfulness. We are so blessed to be sent by such an amazing body of Believers.

As we begin life in our new host country, would you please pray for a soft and healthy landing, and that we will learn our new language and culture quickly, and make good friends as we begin life in our new community. Please also pray for health and protection of our family, and our teammates, as we are feeling the pressure of the enemy to thwart God’s plans.

We pray daily for you, our Anthem Family… That the Lord would give you visions, hope, and joy. May He give victory in your personal lives and ministries, and use you to impact both North Idaho, and our world beyond. Thank you for your love, friendship, faithfulness, and prayers. May 2018 be fruitful and joyous! We love you…. The “S” Family

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “S Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Gary and Margo at

The “J Family” – Middle East

Last week our family attended a Persian speaking Christmas gathering put on and attended by refugees. There was lively worship music, times of prayer, a short sermon, a constant buzz of side conversations, stops and starts as things were arranged and re-arranged, and even a freeze dance contest for the kids.

There were some new visitors that got to hear the good news of salvation, possibly for the first time in their lives. All new visitors were given a New Testament; the words of eternal life. Here they are, waiting in this country as refugees. Some have been waiting for several years. In these circumstances, where else can one find this expression of joy? Where else can one find such a great hope to rest in? Where else can you find this kind of unity?

The body of Christ is a miracle. Let’s treasure this gift, and do all we can to invite others into this great blessing.

*Please ask the Father:

  • Our kids have been experiencing new fears in the night and many, many nightmares. Please pray for peace, courage, and the Lord’s presence while they sleep.
  • That the good news will reach more refugees in this land and that they will be rooted and grounded in His word, Spirit, and love.
  • Unity among believers here so that the world may believe that the Father sent His Son. (Jn. 17:21)

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “J Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Jed and Jaime at

India Highlights

D.K. Sarkar, and his wife, Choity, have been Anthem’s national EFM missionary leaders in Kolkata, India, since 2004. They recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. DK is a native of Bangladesh while Choity is of Indian heritage.

The past 14 years have seen the work grow from a zero base to the present status of many organized churches and house fellowships. A total of 66 house fellowships are currently in the process of becoming organized churches.

The primary focus for the team of pastors is evangelism and discipleship training. This is overseen through organized “communities” of classes. Overall, the ministry is active among Bengali, Hindu, Dalit, Muslim and Santali cultures.

A supplemental outreach is the Emmanuel Hostel, a home for children with a well-rounded offering of education and spiritual training. Fifty children, of elementary and secondary school ages, presently live in the Hostel. Anthem provides a basic amount towards the monthly budget needs.

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