Anthem sees mission as a way in which we live our life. Stated in the most simple of terms, mission is each believer’s invitation and mandate to be sent, to join God in His operation to redeem humankind. God has literally sent each and every follower of Christ on a mission of reconciliation and redemption. All Jesus-followers are missionaries, even if just a fraction of the Church is sent geographically or culturally. Most of us don’t need to go anywhere, as there is plenty of renewal to be done right where we are. We must love, empathize, and care for the broken, lost, hurting, and oppressed.

As God’s people, we’ve been purposefully sent here, every one of us, as entrusted ambassadors of His Kingdom. Some may view mission as working cross-culturally in a particular geographic location, while others see mission as a service project or event. However, Anthem sees mission as a way in which we live our life and a part of our lens by which we see the world.

Global Mission Points

Cross-Cultural Points we support around the globe.

Church Planting in India

Kolkata, West Bengal
Anthem supports an incredible team of pastors and evangelists, whose call is to preach, disciple and plant new churches. Led by D.K. and Choity Sarkar, his ministry includes 21 organized churches, plus another 16 house groups that are becoming organized churches. An intense Bible class meets regularly for leadership development, helping our partners continue to train up and send out people to share about Jesus in a country where less than 2% of people are Christian.

Church Planting in Ethiopia

Korah, Addis Ababa
In Ethiopia, Anthem supports a church located in Korah, a suburb of Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa. Korah is a community that is literally built around (and on top of) the Addis Ababa landfill. Pastor Nunushe, who was raised in Korah by parents who are lepers, leads the church. Pastor Nunushe has dedicated his life and ministry to sharing the Good News of hope in Jesus and to helping his neighbors rise above their situations.

Orphan Housing in India

Gosaba, West Bengal
Anthem is also partnered with Emmanuel Hostel, a children’s home located on an island in the Ganges Delta, in the southernmost part of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is home to over 50 children who have been orphaned by one or both parents. This home provides much needed stability, safety, and education to these wonderful children. Most importantly, the awesome staff at Emmanuel Hostel provides a loving atmosphere for the kids to daily learn more about Jesus, and His love for them.

Local Mission Points

Spreading the love of Jesus Christ stateside.

24/7 Recovery

24/7 is a Jesus-centered recovery program that uses a combination of faith based accountability studies and programs to support and build a strong foundation for recovery. Since the program started in 2004, all who have walked through the doors of 24/7 have heard the gospel and the truth of Christ’s love and acceptance. We guarantee safe and sober housing alongside a working partnership with Region 1 Probation and Parole. We have access to local resource programs and additional substance abuse treatment providers as well as agencies to provide our residents with as many tools as we can for their successful recovery. We exist to see every life in our program radically transformed and surrendered to Christ as Savior as they walk with Him on the path of recovery.


Twin Lakes
Friends Camp

Twin Lakes Camp oversees all the Anthem Church summer camps, endeavoring to win kids to Christ and develop Christian leaders. Located on 22 acres on Upper Twin Lakes near Rathdrum, Idaho, and is nestled in the beautiful Selkirk Mountains. The camp exists to provide a unique atmosphere of simplicity, where people hear from God and respond to Him, in the beauty of His creation. Since the very first camp was held in 1953, thousands of youth have passed through the facilities and the camping program, and hundreds have made decisions to accept the Lord Jesus into their lives.

North Idaho
Christian School

North Idaho Christian School is a ministry of Anthem Church in Hayden, Idaho. Founded in 1981, NICS serves students in grades one through twelve. NICS is a non-denominational accredited school drawing its students from over 30 local churches.

North Idaho Christian School is committed to receiving and expressing God’s love offered to us through Jesus Christ, while developing students with thoroughly Christian minds. Our objective is to win, train, and empower disciples of Jesus Christ, enabling each student to reach his or her full potential spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.

Little Friends

Through its teaching ministry, Little Friends School (LFS) provides a nurturing, loving, Jesus-centered learning environment where young children are promoted in spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth and development. Offering classes for pre-school, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten, LFS provides a developmentally appropriate, literacy rich environment in which students are exposed to a variety of reading and math readiness activities. Biblical truths are integrated throughout the day and across all subject areas including the sciences. A strong art and music emphasis is bolstered by weekly instruction provided by Northwest Academy of Music.

Local Partners

Local Organizations We Support

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