Jesus spent three years on earth living, eating, traveling, ministering, and teaching with His disciples. As He left His disciples to return to heaven, He commissioned them to go into all the world and do what He did (Matt. 28:19-20). At Anthem, we embrace the mission of the church to disciple people into being followers of Jesus who are willing to increasingly submit all of their life to the authority of Jesus and do whatever He might ask of them. Disciples of Jesus worship Him, serve like Him, and lead others to Him.

Though we place a high value on our Sunday gatherings, we also recognize that in order to continually point each other to live gospel-centered lives in our marriages, workplaces, parenting, friendships, sexuality, finances, and world-views, we need to follow Jesus’ model in how He made disciples. He did life with them.

What is God doing?

Where are we going next?

How can you be apart?

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At Anthem, we have found that the best way to intentionally do life together and continually point each other to Jesus is in our communities. We aim for our communities to be transformational, relational, and missional. That means that throughout the month, our communities will spend time in worship, reading Scripture, and in prayer, asking God to transform our hearts, minds, and lives to love Him and others more, to be more like Him, and to join Him on His mission in the world around us. Relationally, our groups may have meals together, celebrate birthdays, provide for needs when someone is hurting, attend our kids sporting events, help each other move, or play in a softball league. Missionally, we are the mobilized church in Kootenai County and have a God-given responsibility to make disciples in the places God has put us. Each group is called to ask God where and how they are to be on His mission.  Some groups choose to partner long-term with local ministries and serve in a variety of capacities. Some may look for needs they can help with each month.

Signing up for an Anthem Community is not signing up for a Bible study or small group that meets one night of the week at a certain place. It is choosing to do life with a group of people that want to be transformed into the likeness of Christ and be on His mission together. Because of that, the when, where, and how are in flux as each community finds its own rhythms for how to best make disciples together.


Anthem communities are multi-generational and not based on marital status or seasons of life, but a beautiful blend of different parts of the body of Christ that can enrich each other’s lives and spiritual growth with our differences. Our goal is to help you connect to a community with people that live geographically close to you and attend the same Anthem campus so that doing life together is a little more natural.

We connect people to our Anthem Communities through a monthly event we call Connect.  If you are interested in connecting to an Anthem Community and would like to know more about Anthem, who we are, and how we believe God is calling this Church, please RSVP for our next Connect night.


Join us for our new Anthem Connect Event that delivers an introduction to who we are and where we are headed as we follow Jesus. This event will serve as a connecting point for our Anthem Community Groups. You will also hear about our history, core values and framework for ministry and disciple-making.


No Connect Events Are Scheduled Right Now

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