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In Defending Your Faith, Prioritize These 3 Things

I propose that the task of apologetics can be divided into three sub-disciplines with a strict order of priority.

Three Rival Approaches to Christian Apologetics

The last time I wrote I introduced the term ‘apologetics’ and listed five ways that studying it can benefit you. I concluded with a promise...

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

After asking many individuals about what they are struggling with in their relationship, the reply is mostly “communication”.

Rebranding Christmas

As we approach Christmas at Anthem, there is always this tension we pastors feel to try to one-up what we did last year. I'm just being honest. Have you ever felt that?

Andres in Africa

The story of how we got here is quite incredible. Jordan knew he was called to Africa after watching a documentary about Africa on TV at age 11.

The What and Why of Apologetics

The term “Apologetics” comes from the Greek word for “defense” used in 1 Peter 3:15: “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always ...

Rosh Hashanah, The Days of Awe & Yom Kippur

Unlike our US culture, our Jewish roots implore us to approach the beginning of a New Year with a time for deep reflection and repentance.

VBS Recap

VBS 2016 is a wrap! We had such an amazing time with nearly 300 kids as we gathered together to worship, learn, dance and sing about Jesus.

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

I love the story of the two disciples walking home to Emmaus when they were joined by a Visitor. Their spirits were low as they mourned the death...


Why doesn’t everyone think like me? For example, people come to Christ for all sorts of reasons. Some come to Christ to get their “fire insurance.”

Loving Others

When our children were born, as parents, we were curious to see who they resembled. We held our babies and felt such a deep love, that we had not known existed.

Kids // Putting on the Full Armor of God

Our God is so big and so strong and He knows that we will need His help if we are going to be soldiers for Him in this world, so He has armor for us to wear.

Carry No Distraction

The writer of Hebrews entreats us to ‘throw off’ everything that hinders, and the sin that so easily entangles. How does this work? How do we ‘throw off’ the...

Our Assurance Tested

This verse says our faith is more precious to God than gold. In human standard, gold is the most valuable of all the metals found in nature. In order for the impurities...

Believing Thomas

Resurrection Sunday evening. Disciples’ small group meeting. Locked doors. Jesus appeared. Wounded hands and side. Breathed the Holy Spirit on his followers.

The Power of the Invisible

Over the past couple of weeks, I had the privilege of participating in Anthem’s core class simply called: A2. This material covers some of the defining beliefs that make...

Kids // Hope Restored!

After Jesus died, his friends missed him badly. When they went to visit his grave, an angel told them that Jesus wasn’t there because he had risen. The men couldn’t...

My Rock. My Refuge.

Have you ever been in a place where you feel like everything is going south despite your efforts? Because we live in a fallen world, a world where hurt and sin run...

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