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Anthem Global Mission Update – April 2018

Seven months ago we sat down individually with our 5 children and told them we had decided they would be attending a nearby, public school for the current academic year. Prior to moving here, our kids had only been home-schooled in the States. Knowing that our children’s first experience in a public school would be in a language that they did not even know, in a country they had still not adjusted to, was a major leap of faith for them and us as parents...

Anthem Global Mission Update – March 2018

We will be in full-time language and culture study for our first year and are already finishing up our first of nine units. In addition to daily classes and homework, we are also out in the community every day practicing our new language skills. We are encouraged by how much we have learned already- being able to introduce our selves, share information about our lives, and are able to communicate at a basic level in the community. We’ve also already met some really neat people doing some really amazing things for Jesus, which is so encouraging and exciting!

Anthem Global Mission Update – February 2018

This past month has been very full for us. Near the beginning of the month, we began packing for our three-week training and orientation course (which all new AIM missionaries go through shortly after arriving on the field). We shared a tiny little African hotel room with our kids for the entire three weeks, which was an adventure to say the least! We have been back in Nairobi for a few days now and are trying to get back into some sort of rhythm of life. We are continuing to pray about a school for our kids to attend. The one that’s at the top of our list is quite far from our home, so enrolling them there would have to be preceded by a move closer to the school.

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