Anthem Global Mission Team // April 10, 2018

Andre Baby Boy

The Andre Family – Nairobi, Kenya

We could not be more thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest little addition : A BOY!!

In Hebrew, Mateo means Gift of God and that’s just what he is – God’s gift to us!

He arrived at 4:06pm local Nairobi time on Friday, March 23rd. Measuring 21 inches and weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 3oz!

The story of his arrival is coming, but for now, we wanted to send a quick update to let you all know of his safe arrival. Mommy and baby are doing well and we are so thankful for this incredible little blessing from the Lord!

With much love from Kenya,
The Andres – Party of Five

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Dinner with our Majority Religion Neighbors (left); “K” with our neighbors before attending her 1st neighborhood meeting (right)

The “S Family” – SE Asia

We have been here in SE Asia for almost 3 months now, and we are so thankful for Anthem’s support and prayers! Language study is progressing well, and we feel the peace of being exactly where God wants us.

Village Life

God has placed us in a wonderful neighborhood with ample opportunity to just be ourselves and build relationships. The neighborhood has really welcomed us, and I, K… was able to attend my first monthly “Ibu-Ibu” meeting, where the “mothers” of each household in the “village” (neighborhood) gather to discuss news, make local decisions, and sing a few songs including the National Anthem. J… missed his “Bapak-Bapak” (Fathers) meeting because our neighbors were over for dinner but he will attend next month’s meeting.

These meetings are a wonderful way to show that we care about the community, earn their respect, make new friends, deepen relationships, and even practice language!

Language Study & Ministry

Language study & school will continue to be our primary focus throughout this year, but outside of that, we have been praying about how God may want to use during this time. We feel peace in our decision to focus on the college fellowship while also deepening our relationships with our Majority Religion neighbors. Please pray for both of these ministry opportunities. We are excited at the deepening friendships and opportunity to share our faith with those who have had very little chance to learn about Jesus or our faith.

Jeremiah 29:12 “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”

Thank you for continuing to pray for and with us. Truly, prayer is the foundation of any “successful” ministry, and without prayer, left to our simple human abilities, we will certainly fail.

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “S Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Gary and Margo at

School Work

The “J’ Family – Middle East

Seven months ago we sat down individually with our 5 children and told them we had decided they would be attending a nearby, public school for the current academic year. Prior to moving here, our kids had only been home-schooled in the States. Knowing that our children’s first experience in a public school would be in a language that they did not even know, in a country they had still not adjusted to, was a major leap of faith for them and us as parents.

The last seven months of school have been packed with challenges, but even more so with God’s mercy and blessings. I’d like to recall His faithfulness to our children during this season.

Four of the five have gone to the same school and have been able to find each other at the lunch breaks, after school, and during occasional emotional breakdowns when they needed some sibling comfort. Our kids’ teachers have been mostly patient, kind, and supportive of our children. The local kids have been friendly, welcoming, and inclusive to our children. Because they have had this immersion, the older ones now understand most of our interactions with our neighbors and while at local stores. This understanding and friendships with locals has truly helped them adjust, and to feel more at home here.

We would love your prayers for what their education will look like next year. Will you pray that all five of them would be exactly where they should be, for their good, and God’s glory? We praise Jesus for His faithfulness, and your prayers and support! Thank you…

For security reasons, personal information about this family is not directly available here. For more information on the “J Family” including ways you can partner with them or receive personal updates, please contact Jed and Jaime at

India Highlights

From Kolkata
One highlight from the recent Easter celebration was the purchase of Easter booklets that gave an overview of the “story.”  A total of 16,000 copies were distributed by the pastors and leaders in their respective villages the day(s) before Easter Sunday, with the message then further teaching on the truth of the risen Savior.

Another new church community was formed in the outskirts of Kolkata the week before Easter, with several joyous participants attending.

A longstanding broken relationship was recently mended with forgiveness and healing.

Pastor D.K. Sarkar will be retiring as the leader of the Indian EFM ministry team at the end of 2018.  The new leadership will be chosen by the local staff during the coming months, as EFM transitions the ministry to become self-governed.  Much prayer is essential for the process to be carefully directed.

Preliminary planning is underway so D.K. & Choity Sarkar can be brought for a time of visit at Anthem Church.  After the above transition is in place, D.K.Sarkar will possibly then become EFM’s regional coordinator for the country of India.

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