Jordan & Kristin Andre // December 8, 2016


The story of how we got here is quite incredible. Jordan knew he was called to Africa after watching a documentary about Africa on TV at age 11. Kristin was drawn more to the inner-city and felt called when she first visited Los Angeles at age 15. But in college, when she learned of life in Africa through a project for a leadership class and knew that was where God wanted her.

The two of us met in middle school, started dating in high school and were married right after graduating from college. At that time, the Lord clearly called us to Los Angeles.

Then we met Francis Chan.

He challenged us to begin living life as if it were for God and His glory. Not long after that challenge, God allowed us both to step foot on the beautiful red dirt of Africa and ever since then we’ve been preparing for our return.

We lived in Moshi, Tanzania in 2010 (back when it was still just the two of us, as preparation for what was to come) and then spent time living in Los Angeles again, where our son, Moses, was born. God clearly called us back to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (where our roots are) to plug into a loving and supportive church family who would send us out for the long term. Anthem Church has been just that and more over the years and we are now preparing to head to Nairobi, Kenya with two kids (our little girl, Zuri, joined our family in 2014) to serve with Africa Inland Mission.


//  Jordan & Kristin


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