Anthem Church // December 15, 2012

I want you to meet Pastor Nunushe, the leader of a church located at a former leper colony in a large city dump in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This church, “Manifestation of His Glory”, or as we at Anthem Friends commonly refer to them, “the Korah Church”, is a sister church of ours.

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(Nunushe is in the center of this photo, pictured with Tesfaye, a church leader, on the left, and myself, Kameron, on the right)

While visiting Korah this past April, I was privileged enough to hear a bit of Pastor Nunushe’s story. Like our own church leaders and friends who serve in ministry, Nunushe has had to sacrifice much in his obedience to the Lord. Over 10 years ago, Pastor Nunushe felt the Lord call him into full time ministry. At the time he was in his early 20’s and beginning to make a decent wage as a skilled wood worker. Despite insults and criticism from friends and family, Nunushe followed God’s call on His life, quit wood working, and eventually made his way to Addis Ababa, where he began to minister to the people of Korah. For those 10 years, Pastor Nunushe served the Lord without any type of guaranteed income and lived solely off the generosity of his congregation, which is very poor and has nothing to give. After much discussion and prayer, this past spring the leadership of Anthem decided that it would be an honor to take on this role as a sister to the Korah Church, and to both spiritually support them, as well as provide Pastor Nunushe with a decent living salary.

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Over the past 6 months our congregation has also paid for the one year lease of the church compound (basically a small 3 room house with a courtyard and fence), purchased much needed office furniture (which is being used for counseling, tutoring and church office work) and provided the supplies necessary to cover the open courtyard to provide sheltered seating during times of unfavorable weather. I also had the personal privilege of delivering baby quilts to some of the mothers and children of Korah, handmade with love from a group of women from Anthem Friends.

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(A few of the baby quilts Anthem Friends delivered. Thank you Tillie and others for your gift!)

The Korah church is also happy to share that in the last 3 months, 17 people were baptized (11 women, 6 men), 8 individuals are participating in their New Believers class, and 4 people have experienced deliverance from spiritual and physical bondage. The church is currently praying for the Lord to provide 50 Bibles and the materials needed to repair the covering in the courtyard and the compound fence. The church leaders are also hoping to plant a new church on the other side of the garbage dump to reach those who are unable to travel to their current church site due to illnesses such as leprosy and HIV. They are also in need of baby formula, children’s clothing and soap for hygiene.

2012 June trip and getting Mark_feedin.JPG

(Pastor Nuneshe beginning to share the gospel after serving a free meal to the people of Korah.)

I want to end with an excerpt from a recent email from Tesfaye, one of the church leaders:

“As usual, it is so great to hear from our sister church in US. The love and earnest prayers of our brothers and sisters in Idaho causes us to move and see the glory of God. Praise the Lord. Our church is continuing to focus on encouraging the members of our church to live lives with Christ at their center, and help the children in Korah grow in the strong solid foundation of God. We are so lucky that we are able to partner in this great, exciting work of expanding His kingdom with your church in Idaho. Please know that the church in Idaho plays a significant role in the sister church Korah. We thank our sisters and brothers in Idaho for their time and love. Please pray for the church of Korah, that the Lord would encourage and provide for His body of believers there. And that the Lord’s light would radiate the darkness of this area, and all would know His hope.”

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